About Us

Our Story

Quintas Place is a new age multipurpose centre with the fulfilment of the spirit, mind and body. At the core of our purpose is an array of products and services for the total wellbeing and improved lifestyle.

Our vision is to enhance the life of individuals and families using our products and services.

Our CEO brings a wealth of experience of about 18 Years of Executive Management in the Oil & Gas sector of the Nigerian Economy. Having served as Executive Bilingual Secretary cum Personal Assistant and grew to a C-Level executive in Multinational Oil & Gas Companies, she is well equipped to provide training, coaching, mentoring and empowerment programmes on how to be a firebrand exceptional personal assistant or executive assistant.


Our products range from Health, Beauty, Personal Care, Fashion Accessories, Grocery, Florals, Interior Decorations, Books, Home and Kitchen Wares, Event Management, Children Clothing’s and Toys.

Our services

Our services include Career enhancement, Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring classes and sessions.


Our tea range products promises to invigorate and stimulate you each day.